Manufacturer of Printed and Plain BOPP Tape | Eminent Packs
Manufacturer of Printed and Plain BOPP Tape | Eminent Packs
Manufacturer of Printed and Plain BOPP Tape | Eminent Packs
Manufacturer of Printed and Plain BOPP Tape | Eminent Packs
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Manufacturer of Printed and Plain BOPP Tape | Eminent Packs

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) tape is a versatile and widely used packaging material known for its exceptional strength, durability, and water resistance.

BOPP tape is commonly used for sealing cartons, boxes, and other packaging applications in various industries.

One of the key features of BOPP tape is its customizability.

It can be easily customized to meet specific requirements, making it an ideal choice for branding and promotional purposes.

Customized BOPP tape allows businesses to incorporate their logos, brand names, contact information, or any other desired design on the tape, enhancing brand visibility and recognition.

In addition to customization, BOPP tape offers excellent water resistance.

Its non-porous surface and strong adhesive ensure that the tape remains intact even in humid or wet conditions.

This makes it highly suitable for packaging products that are susceptible to moisture damage, such as food items, pharmaceuticals, and electronic components.

The water-resistant properties of BOPP tape provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the contents of the package remain secure and unaffected by external factors.

Furthermore, BOPP tape is known for its ease of use.

It can be effortlessly applied using a tape dispenser or by hand, allowing for efficient and hassle-free packaging operations.

The tape adheres firmly to various surfaces, providing a secure seal that prevents tampering or accidental opening during transit.

Overall, BOPP tape customized and plain, with its water resistance, offers a reliable and versatile solution for packaging needs.

Its customizable nature allows businesses to enhance their branding efforts, while its water-resistant properties ensure the protection of packaged goods.

Whether for commercial or personal use, BOPP tape is a popular choice due to its strength, durability, and ability to withstand varying environmental conditions.



  • Transparent, Brown
  • Color tape available
  • Cylinder charges are free for specific design

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