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C Band Single Polarity Feedhorn – Light Weight | Solid.Sale. Our C Band Single Polarity Feedhorn can be used for single polarity reception with a Single polarity C Band LNB on prime focus C-Band dish antenna.

The feedhorn has a standard C Band flange that will bolt to any standard C Band LNB.

The feedhorn can be fitted to dishes that use either tri or quad-feed arms for support of the LNB and feedhorn.

Description –

The  Feed is a single polarity C Band feedhorn for the reception of linear polarized signals in the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz bandwidth.

Superior quality, excellent illumination patterns, and a compact design make the Super Feed the ideal choice in feedhorns for single polarity systems.

  • Feed features chip-resistant
  • powder paint and cast aluminum construction for
  • added protection against the environment. Built-in the
  • Chaparral tradition of quality, the Super Feed is the
  • an ideal choice for reliable performance.

Specifications –

  • C-Band Frequency Range  3.7-4.2 GHz
  • f/D Range  33 to 45
  • Cross Pol. Isolation  25 dB minimum
  • Output Ports WR 229 compatible
  • Temperature Range  -40° C to 60° C

Buy now – https://www.solid.sale/lnbf/c-band-lnb/single-c-band-lnb-feedhorn


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