Tigonis Acrylic Distemper – A Quality Water-Based Wall Finish For Interior Surfaces

Tigonis Acrylic Distemper – A Quality Water-Based Wall Finish For Interior Surfaces.

It is a proper finish for interior walls that demand a beautifully decorated Finish without any glares of unexpected light reflection.

Tigonis is one of the leading Acrylic Distemper manufacturers and suppliers in West Bengal, Odissa, Bihar, and Jharkhand.


► Easy Application
► Gives unmatched durability and a smooth finish
► Ensures shade retention for a long time
► Bright matt finished Shades
► Better Performance Formulation
► Washable Properties
► Economical and good value for money

Application areas – Applied on exterior and interior plastered surfaces after the application of Tigonis Wall Putty and Tigonis Cement primer.


TIGONIS Acrylic Distemper is made for Interior use only.

It can be applied on plastered surfaces, asbestos sheets, Concrete, brickwork, etc. to obtain a gentle matt finish to the substrate.


Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease, wax, etc.

Remove all loose or poorly adhering materials by rubbing down using emery paper and thereafter wipe clean.

Treat fungus affected area using proper Fungicidal Solution.

Allow to react for 6-8 hrs.

Apply a coat of TIONIS INTERIOR Cement Primer Water Thinnable followed by TIGONIS Wall Putty to make a uniform surface and again apply a coat of INTERIOR Cement Primer WT.

Now apply 2-3 coats of TIGONIS Acrylic Distemper of desired Shade.


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