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Terraform Job Oriented Training Institute. Radical Technologies! India’s leading Project Based IT Online Training Certification Centre in Pune | Bangalore| Kerala | UK. 

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) software tool created by HashiCorp.

It allows users to define and provision infrastructure using a declarative configuration language.

With Terraform, you can describe the components of your infrastructure—such as servers, networks, and storage—using a high-level configuration syntax.

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  1. Declarative Syntax: Terraform configurations are written in a declarative language, HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL). This allows you to specify what you want to achieve rather than specifying how to achieve it, making the configurations more human-readable.
  2. Provider Support: Terraform supports a variety of cloud providers (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), as well as on-premises and other infrastructure platforms. Each supported platform is implemented as a “provider” in Terraform.
  3. Resource Management: Resources are the building blocks of your infrastructure, such as virtual machines, networks, or storage. Terraform manages these resources and their dependencies, ensuring that they are created, updated, or destroyed in the correct order.
  4. State Management: Terraform maintains a state file that keeps track of the current state of your infrastructure. This file is used to plan and apply changes, helping Terraform understand the differences between the desired state and the current state.
  5. Execution Plans: Before making changes to the infrastructure, Terraform generates an execution plan. This plan outlines what actions Terraform will take to achieve the desired state. Users can review the plan before applying changes.
  6. Modularity: Terraform configurations can be organized into modules, which are reusable components that encapsulate a set of resources and their configurations. This promotes code reuse and maintainability.

Radical Technologies is a recognized leader in training of Administrative and Soft- ware Development courses since 1995 to empower IT individuals with competitive advantage for exploiting untapped jobs IT sectors.

Radical Technologies dedi- cates itself to simplify the technology trends with its great RD Division, which lets students stay focused on the new cutting-edge technologies and not waste aspi- rants’ valuable time sorting through the how-to’s and what’s new, that sets Radical Technologies apart from its competitors.

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Terraform Job Oriented Training Institute | Radical Technologies



  • Online | Offline | Customized | Corporate Trainings
  • Weekdays & Weekend Batches with LMS support
  • 10 to 20+ year Experienced corporate trainers
  • 100000+ Placement Record till now

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