Shoviv Exchange Database Recovery Tool
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Shoviv Exchange Database Recovery Tool. Shoviv, a reputable software development company, provides a reliable solution to assist you in recovering an Exchange database.

If you find yourself in a situation where your Exchange database is experiencing issues such as data loss, corruption, or accidental deletion, Shoviv Exchange database Recovery tool can help.

The procedure was designed to be user-friendly.

First, download and install the Shoviv Exchange database Recovery tool.

Once installed, run the application and connect to your Exchange Server.

This establishes a secure link between Shoviv and your Exchange database, enabling the recovery process to begin.

It provides various recovery options. Depending on your needs, you can recover individual mailboxes, specific emails, or even entire databases.

The tool ensures data integrity, which means that the information you recover will retain its original structure and metadata.

Its ability to handle both online and offline EDB (Exchange Database) files, which allows for greater flexibility in the recovery process.

Whether your Exchange Server is up and running or experiencing downtime, Exchange Recovery Manager adjusts to your needs.

Shoviv also includes advanced features such as selective item recovery, which allows you to select specific items for recovery, and granular search options to efficiently locate and recover data.

Change the database Recovery Manager simplifies the complex task of recovering an Exchange database. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive recovery options, and emphasis on data integrity make it a dependable choice for businesses looking to overcome Exchangе database issues.

It also allows you to restore your Exchange database quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring the continuity of your email communication.

Try its FREE demo version to know more about its functionality.


Shoviv Exchange Database Recovery Tool



  • Report Analyzer & Operation Log history details
  • Incremental Export
  • Specific Search Options
  • Deletion Recovery
  • Free trial on first 50 items per folder, 24/7 available