Remove Scars Serum in Pakistan | Aichun Beauty

Remove Scars Serum in Pakistan | Aichun Beauty

Remove Scars Serum can repair damages through effective permeation, weakening a scar mark.

The serum comes with Herbal Extracts Formula, which effectively weakens the scar mark to restore your tender skin, eliminating impurities.

Also can accelerate the cleansing of your skin, maintaining skin to great condition.

Brand: Aichun Beauty
Volume: 30ml
Type: Serum

Whitening Facial Serum in Pakistan, Stimulates the natural balance of skin cells to cleanse away the appearances of dark spots Moisturizes for a sheer, lively and youthful skin Lightens your skin with naturally derived whitening ingredients.

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Remove Scars Serum in Pakistan | Aichun Beauty


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