React Online Training Institute | Radical Technologies
React Online Training Institute | Radical Technologies
React Online Training Institute | Radical Technologies
React Online Training Institute | Radical Technologies
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React Online Training Institute. Radical Technologies! India’s leading Project Based IT Online Training Certification Centre in Pune | Bangalore| Kerala | UK.

React, also known as React.js or ReactJS, is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UIs).

Developed and maintained by Facebook (and a community of developers), React is known for its simplicity, efficiency, and the ability to create interactive and dynamic web applications.

React development is typically done using code editors or integrated development environments (IDEs) like Visual Studio Code.

Additionally, tools like Create React App (CRA) and Next.js provide a streamlined development setup for React applications.


Section 1 : Getting Started

What is React?

Real-World SPAs React Web Apps

Why Should we Choose React?

React environment setup

Section 2 : Understanding the Base Features Syntax

Understanding the Folder Structure

Understanding Component Basics

Understanding JSX

Creating a Functional Component

Creating a Class Component

Working with Components Re-Using Them

Understanding Using State

Props State

Using the useState() Hook for State Manipulation

Stateless vs Stateful Components

Section 3 : Diving Deeper into Components React Internals

Splitting an App Into Components

React Hooks

Using useEffect() in Functional Components

Controlling the useEffect() Behavior

Cleaning up with Lifecycle Hooks useEffect()

How React Updates the DOM

Higher Order Components (HOC) – Introduction

Another Form of HOCs

Using Refs

Understanding Prop Chain Problems

Using the Context API

contextType useContext()

Section 4 : Adding Routing to our Burger Project

Setting Up Routing Routes

Passing Ingredients via Query

Implementing Navigation Links

Section 5 : Forms and Form Validation

Custom hooks for error validation

Radical Technologies is a recognized leader in training of Administrative and Soft- ware Development courses since 1995 to empower IT individuals with competitive advantage for exploiting untapped jobs IT sectors.

Radical Technologies dedi- cates itself to simplify the technology trends with its great RD Division, which lets students stay focused on the new cutting-edge technologies and not waste aspi- rants’ valuable time sorting through the how-to’s and what’s new, that sets Radical Technologies apart from its competitors.

Our Training Centres:- Pune – Aundh | Kharadi | Hinjewadi | Sinhgad | Bangalore- Electronic city | Kerala – Kochi, Thrissur | UK

Radical Technologies Aundh – Pune / Exam Centre

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React Online Training Institute | Radical Technologies



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