Oligonucleotide CDMO | BOC Sciences

Oligonucleotide CDMO | BOC Sciences

Oligonucleotide GMP manufacturing is a long process containing oligonucleotide synthesis, modification, purification and characterization.

Oligonucleotide CDMO capabilities include but are not limited to:

DNA Oligos

  • UNA and TINA oligonucleotides
  • Light-activated oligonucleotides
  • Chimeric oligonucleotides
  • Various modified or unmodified antisense oligonucleotides
  • Polypeptide-Nucleotide Conjugates
  • RNA Oligos

Chimeric oligonucleotides

  • Long RNA synthesis
  • CRISPR guide strand (sgRNA) synthesis
  • siRNA and UsiRNA
  • microRNA
  • Nano self-assembled RNA drugs


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