Muffler and Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA – 54744 | EastCan Auto Parts
Muffler and Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA – 54744 | EastCan Auto Parts
Muffler and Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA – 54744 | EastCan Auto Parts
Muffler and Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA – 54744 | EastCan Auto Parts
  • June 29, 2023 2:08 pm
  • Canada
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Muffler and Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA – 54744 | EastCan Auto Parts

Muffler And Pipe Assembly by WALKER USA – 54744

The muffler is part of the automotive exhaust system and has the important responsibility of muffling or tuning out loud engine combustion noises.

As the engine reaches the exhaust stroke, pressurized exhaust gases leave the engine cylinder creating loud sound waves.

These sound waves travel through the exhaust pipes where the noise gets amplified.

The muffler is provided with perforated tubes that reduce the sound significantly.


Automotive Item Grade: OEM Standard Part

Muffler Body Material: Stainless Steel

Muffler Body Height: 7

Part Number: 54744

Muffler Outlet Connection Type: Tip – Welded Spout

Muffler Outlet Diameter Designation: Outside Diameter

Muffler Shape: Oval

Product Grade: Economy

Muffler Inlet Diameter 1: 2

Muffler Overall Length: 48

Muffler Type: Combination

Muffler Inlet Diameter Designation: Outside Diameter

Muffler Outlet Count: 1

Muffler Body Width: 9

Muffler Outlet Configuration: Offset

Muffler Inlet Configuration: Offset

Muffler Inlet Count: 1

Muffler Reversible: No

Muffler Inlet Connection Type: 2 Bolt Welded Flange

Fitment: Direct OE Replacement

Muffler Body Length: 18

Muffler Outlet Diameter: 2


Walker Emissions Control is a world leader in replacement emission control components and systems, including complete cat-back exhaust systems, catalytic converters, pipes, mufflers, resonators, and related products for passenger car, SUVs and light truck, and medium – and heavy-duty commercial and specialty vehicle applications.

They have more than 100 years of expertise in the replacement market for product quality, performance, fitment, coverage, technical training, business support and cataloguing excellence.

Each day thousands of repair professionals choose Walker components for their precise, OE-style fit and exceptional durability and performance.

WALKER USA’s Warranty

Gives you Limited lifetime warranty on Quiet Flow mufflers & assemblies, DynoMax Super Turbo/UltraFlow SS & Welded mufflers.

No warranty on SoundFX Mufflers, Pipes & resonators.

Catalytic converters with 25,000-mile of warranty.

Warranty on catalytic performance with 5-year/50,000-mile structural integrity.

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