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Lug Butterfly Valve Supplier in Dubai. Middle East valve is the dominant Lug butterfly valve supplier in Dubai, UAE.

We supply to cities like Kalba, UAE, and Abu Dhabi.


Material: CF8M, CF8, SS316, CF3M, WCB, SS304,F51, F53, 4A, 5A, 316L, Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron Lug Butterfly Valve, Cast Iron Lug Butterfly Valve, Duplex Steel Lug Butterfly Valve.

End Connection: Lug

Pressure: PN6 – PN25

Class : 150 to 600

Size Range: DN 2”-DN72”

Operation: lever operated, electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, gear operated.

What is  a lug butterfly valve ?

It is a type of quarter-turn valve that is commonly used in industrial applications to regulate or isolate the flow of fluids.

It belongs to the family of butterfly valves, which are characterized by a disc or plate that rotates 90 degrees within the valve body to control the flow.

The term “lug” in lug butterfly valve refers to the lugs or projections located on the valve’s outer circumference.

These lugs are designed to accommodate fasteners, such as bolts or studs, that secure the valve in place between two pipe flanges.

Unlike wafer butterfly valves that are installed between flanges using bolts that pass through the valve body, lug butterfly valves have holes in their lugs specifically for attaching the valve to the flanges using separate bolts.

Lug butterfly valves provide a means to install and remove the valve from a pipeline without disturbing the other components or disconnecting the entire pipeline.

This design allows for easier maintenance, inspection, or replacement of the valve without needing to remove the entire flange connection.

Middleeast valve is the biggest  Lug butterfly valve supplier in Dubai and are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and configurations to suit different industrial applications.


  1. Flow regulation
  2. Isolation
  3. Bi-direction flow
  4. Quick operation
  5. Simple design


  1. Water treatment plants
  2. Chemical processing plants
  3. Oil and gas pipelines
  4. Power plants
  5. Mining
  6. Pulp and paper
  7. Marine


  • Cooling water, air, gases, fire protection, etc.
  • Slurry and similar services
  • Vacuum service
  • High-pressure and high-temperature water and steam services
  • Compressed Air or Gas Applications

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