Farmtrac Tractors Price and Specifications in India |

Farmtrac Tractors Price and Specifications in India |

India, it is a vast agricultural land, that is focusing on modern farming.

The tractor is an integral part of modern farming.

There are many tractor brands in the Indian market but Farmtrac has a reputation between Indian farmers and Farmtrac has earned a reputation for delivering reliable and high-performing tractors.

Farmtrac is an Indian manufacturing company founded by Mr. H P Nanda in 1944.

Farmtrac Tractor offers a wide range of tractors that fulfill the needs of Indian farmers.

Farmtrac offers a variety of tractors for small- and large-scale farmers.

Their product includes compact tractors, utility tractors, and heavy-duty tractors, providing options for various farming applications.

Farmtrac tractors are known for their powerful performance, robust engines, and advanced technology for delivering exceptional power and torque, enabling farmers to done heavy-duty tasks.

These tractors could perform a variety of tasks like plowing fields, tilling soil, or operating heavy implements.

Farmtrac tractors play an important role in farming economics because they are designed for fuel efficiency and enable farmers to optimize their costs with higher productivity.

Farmtrac tractors are built for Indian farming conditions.

The brand places a strong emphasis on the durability and reliability of its tractors, ensuring they can withstand rough terrains, heavy loads, and long working hours.

Advanced Features and Technology:

To fulfill the evolving needs of farmers, Farmtrac has advanced features and technology including an ergonomic design, a comfort station, and modern instrument panels, and user-friendly controls.

Farmtrac understands the importance of reliable after-sales service and support.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the brand has established a wide service network across India.

The Popular Tractor Series and Farmtrac tractor list in India is given below-

Powermaxx Series

It is a heavy-duty tractor series that comes with a 50 HP to 60 HP engine. The price range of Powermaxx series is from INR 8.90 lakh to 11.30 lakhs.

Classic Series

It is an affordable tractor series that comes with a 40 HP to 55 HP engine. The price range of Classic  series is INR 6.70 lakhs.

XP Series

It is a popular series that comes with a 42 HP to 45 HP engine. The price range of XP Series is from INR 7.50 lakh to INR 8.0 lakh.

Mini Tractor

The Mini Tractor is for affordable farming or gardening and the price range starts from INR 4.50 lakh to 5.00 lakh.


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