Best Urogist in Hyderabad | My Health Hospital
Best Urogist in Hyderabad | My Health Hospital
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Best Urogist in Hyderabad | My Health Hospital
Best Urogist in Hyderabad | My Health Hospital

Best Urogist in Hyderabad. My health hospital is a leading surgery provider in the area of Kphb, Kukatpally, Hyderabad and is associated with one of the best urologists and andrologists in Hyderabad who are trained in treatment of urological and andrological problems with 10+ years of experience .

We have listed some of the most common problems & their treatments provided at My health hospital below.

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Urologist / Urology Specialist / Urology Doctor is a super specialist in the field of surgery dealing with problems related to Male and Female Urinary Tract which includes Kidney Stones treatment (laser), Prostate surgery (laser and conventional), treatment of urinary tract infections (simple and complex), urinary incontinence treatment (medical and surgical), circumcision(laser/stapler/conventional), treatment of testicular infections( Epidydimitis , orchitis, Epidydimo orchitis), surgical treatment of scrotal swellings(Hydrocele/Hernia), Renal cysts, kidney, bladder/prostate cancer, and treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms( Frequency/urgency/dysuria /blood in urine( Haematuria )/ Nocturia /poor stream) and performs necessary procedures for diagnosis (cystoscopy) and therepeutic purposes for the best treatment of patients having any of the above urological problems.

Andrologist / Male infertility specialist / ED (Ejaculatory dysfunction) doctor is a urologist trained in dealing with problems related to male reproductive system(penis/urethra/testis/seminal vesicles) which include problems related to unprotected sex (STD/STI– Sexually transmitted infections/sexually transmitted diseases) and problems with sexual intercourse( ED(Ejaculatory Dysfunction)/Premature ejaculation) and treatment of male infertility problems related to pregnancy(medical and surgical –varicocele and its treatment).

Best Urogist in Hyderabad | My Health Hospital


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