Are You Trying to Handle Your Registration Integration Better?
  • September 23, 2023 2:35 pm
  • China

Are You Trying to Handle Your Registration Integration Better?

A complete PSS data model and processing tools are available from Agnisys to help you optimize your chip verification processes.

A comprehensive register model is offered by the adaptable Agnisys PSS, enabling seamless IP integration and speeding up SOC design closing.

The Agnisys PSS tools ecosystem simplifies even the most challenging register integration owing to its potent features like automated UVM and C/C++ header generation, bus functional models, and a strong verification environment.

Agnisys PSS can help you standardize your register integration procedure right now.

Agnisys PSS compiler automatically generates both UVM and C/C++ sequences, including specified custom sequences, that exhaustively test your memories and registers.

It also extends beyond registers and memories to generate verification environments and user-defined functional tests to verify the functional behavior of your custom design blocks.


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