5 Fit Stainless Steel Bread Cooling Rack | Mix Kitchen International

5 Fit Stainless Steel Bread Cooling Rack | Mix Kitchen International. 25/50/100 kg Dough Mixer Machine and 9 Trays 3 Decks Gas Oven.

For heavy duty dough mixing, we have a 100 kg and a 50 kg dough mixer machine.

We also have a 25 kg dough mixer machine for smaller batches.

Welcome to Mix Kitchen International!

Our bakery equipment and machinery selection is sure to meet all your needs.

Our Dough Moulder machine will help shape and prepare your dough for baking.

For larger productions., our Dough Divider Machine is the perfect solution.

Bake your goods to perfection in our selection of ovens, including a 1 bag deck oven, a half bag deck oven, and a 1 bag Rotary Rack Oven.

Need something smaller?

We have a 16 trays 4 decks gas oven and a 9 Trays 3 decks gas oven as well.

Make your baking experience smoother with our working tables and bread slicer machine.

Keep your baked goods fresh on our bread cooling rack.

Weigh your ingredients accurately with our 30 digital scales, and offer something sweet with our ice cream machine.

And last but not least, our 50 kg hard and soft dough mixer machine will give you the versatility to create any kind of dough for your baking needs.

Come to Mix Kitchen International for all your bakery equipment and machinery needs.

Happy baking!


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