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21mm PCB Reverse Locking Support Yellow Color Pack of 100 | ElectronicSpices.com. The PCB Reverse Locking Support is a device that makes it easy to hold PCB boards in place.

It works by clamping PCB boards on all four sides, making it easy to hold them in place without the need for tools.

This PCB mount bracket is designed for using PCB in reverse position.

This type of mounting is often used in cases when the PCB is too big to fit into the standard mounting holes on the PCB.

This bracket will allow you to mount the PCB with the holes at the back and to lock the PCB in place with a thumbscrew.

The PCB Reverse Locking Support is designed for use with PCB mounted in reverse position.

It can be used with both through-hole and surface mount PCBs.

This is a great product for anyone looking to have their PCBs fixed on their boards.

It is an affordable, easy to use, and secure way to fix PCBs.

It has a patented design with a strong spring-loaded design that locks the PCBs in place.


  • When it comes to supporting PCBs
  • It is made of plastic
  • The support is fixed to the chassis with two screws
  • Highly effective device to prevent PCBs from coming out of the hole in your case.



  • PCB Support Spacer
  • Nylon
  • Size - 21mm
  • High Quality
  • Color - Yellowish White

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